Did you want to have the help of a famous chef right at home?

Did you want to have the help of a famous chef right at home?

Zaharul Margaritar invites you to the kitchen of Corneliei Ghisoi, the first Lady Chef in south-east Europe, as part of the new interactive website

The new website includes the most important news related to the Margaritar brand: promotions, product launches and informative materials. Those who are passionate about cooking will be able to purchase various promotional products from the online shop.

In the video section "online cooking show", Cornelia Ghisoi will present monthly the most innovative recipes, told with grace and skill. In addition, he will provide tips and secrets from his kitchen and answer readers' questions within the Dairy Community.

“I have always wanted to share my passion for cooking with others, and through the new site I will reach the kitchens of several Romanians who I hope will be of help. I will reveal them from my favorite recipes and the little secrets discovered throughout my experience, ”said Cornelia Ghisoi, Lady Chef.

"We set out to create a friendly space where people can enter the sweet realm of Margarita sugar and get used to the creative spirit of Cornelia Ghisoi," said Sorin Soroceanu, Marketing Manager at Agrana. "The new website will thus become the meeting place for those who choose the Margaritar brand."

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About Cornelia Ghisoi

Cornelia Ghisoi is the first lady chef in Romania, a degree offered for the first time to a woman from South East Europe by the World Association of Cooks and Confectioners.

Lady Chef of Romania has extensive experience in the culinary field: she has participated in numerous domestic and international competitions, competitions that have brought her numerous medals, but also international recognition and is vice-president of ANBCT (National Association of Chefs and Confectioners in Tourism) ). Currently, he is the Chief Chef at the Aro Palace Hotel in Brasov.