How the holidays help you get pregnant faster

How the holidays help you get pregnant faster

Women know that to get pregnant, it takes more than a single night of love. The lucky ones, getting pregnant "from the first", for others, on the other hand, it takes a little more effort to conceive a baby. The reasons why some women do not get pregnant immediately are many and complicated, but in most cases it is stress.

It is scientifically proven that stressed women become more difficult to get pregnant. Problems at work, daily worries, shortcomings of any kind and routine put their mark on the body. There is a time in the year when conceiving a child can be easier. If you find yourself among women who have long been trying to get pregnant, here's what you need to know.

Take advantage of the holidays

The holidays can be the ideal occasion to take your mind, a few days, from everything that stresses you. Of course, your partner needs to do the same. So, take a vacation, spend time conceiving a child. It is advisable to relax, to relive the flame of love, if necessary and to be "selfish", that is to think only of you.

If you do not feel that you are relaxed enough, you can use yoga and meditation.

How relaxation helps you in conceiving a baby

In your holiday mini-holiday you are less stressed than the rest of the year, and the hormones are just waiting to be put to work. Stress affects your hypothalamus, which regulates hormone levels. The gland also regulates the partner's testosterone level.

When you are stressed out, you lose your sex drive or, if you have sex, you do it just to satisfy your partner. Lack of sex will not help you get pregnant faster, so it is advisable to do everything possible to undertake relaxing activities.

Plan a romantic getaway

First of all, you have to think about the places you like the most. During the holidays, the mountain seems to be most at hand, but a flight somewhere in the country or in another city can prove to be auspicious.

You don't have to go very far, to an expensive destination. It is important to find the inner strength you need to relax.

Take your vacation during the fertile period

Ideally you should go on vacation during your fertile time. If this turns out to be exactly the holidays, all the better.

What do you do if you have another child?

You want to get pregnant again and want to go on a mini-vacation with your husband or boyfriend, but what do you do with the child you already have? For the holidays, you can leave it in the care of your grandparents or a very close relative.

Leave your phone at home

The first thing you take with you when you leave home is your cell phone. This time, leave him at home. The idea is to relax, not answer phone calls from relatives or even at work.

What do you do if you can't take your vacation?

Maybe the circumstances are not in your favor and you simply cannot go on vacation. In this case, you have nothing left to do but relax at home. Sleep a lot and eat healthy food. Forget about pork and beef salad and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. In principle, it is advisable to do everything that helps you relax and clear your mind.

Author: Laura Galan, Editor

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