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Medications to stop lactation. Weaning with the help of medicines

Medications to stop lactation. Weaning with the help of medicines

Breastfeeding medicines are an artificial method of stopping breast milk secretion and weaning the baby. The use of these drugs poses many health risks. Doctors are increasingly concerned about their adverse effects and recommend weaning on natural routes or waiting for breast milk to stop naturally.

What is lactation suppression or stopping?

Lactation suppression refers to the act of stopping the mother's milk secretion, which is the natural elimination of breast milk from the breast.

It is recommended to stop breastfeeding immediately after birth, if you do not want to breastfeed your baby naturally or if certain medical conditions prevent you from doing so. Also, lactation is also artificially discontinued and if the baby dies in the meantime or is in serious medical condition and unable to breast feed.

What medicines are used to suppress lactation?

Although most mothers expect this process to come naturally, there are several artificial ways to do so when the situation requires it. Some of them are lactation suppressant medicines.

Medications are a chemical method by which lactation is stopped. They are only issued with a prescription and only at the recommendation of the doctor in charge of you. Even if you know who they are and you have access to them, do not self-administer your medication, as there are many risks. Not all lactation suppressant medicines are effective for you. They are recommended on several criteria that must be evaluated by the doctor.

The main hormonal therapies used in artificial breastfeeding

  • bromocriptine;
  • diethylstilbestrol;
  • cabergoline;
  • contraceptives with high doses of estrogen.

What are the risks of breastfeeding drugs for health?

The most recommended of these are bromocriptine and the introduction of contraceptives with high hormone content. Estrogen is most suitable for stopping lactation, which is why it uses contraceptives that contain it to suppress lactation.

High-dose hormone injections are quite dangerous to health because they increase the risk of blood clots and even death.

There have been a lot of studies and experiments to find out the side effects of bromocriptine and it has been discovered that the drug poses a number of important health risks. There is an increased risk of heart attack or heart attack, and women who have high blood pressure during pregnancy are most likely to do so.

What are the safest ways to stop breastfeeding?

If breastfeeding is impossible or not available, the safest way to stop it is to let it disappear naturally.

In order to speed up this process it is advisable to avoid stimulating the breasts by milking them or by feeding the baby. The less you empty your breasts, the more you stop breastfeeding. Soothing and local application of ice cubes helps to relieve pain and to combat breast anguish, a possible complication in the absence of emptying.