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EducaTIFF 2014, award-winning films, critique seminars and animation workshops for children

EducaTIFF 2014, award-winning films, critique seminars and animation workshops for children

The film education program EducaTIFF returns, this year, with an even more tasty recipe. Award-winning films, special guests, a Cinepiano show, an acting lesson with "children-movie stars", film criticism seminars, animation workshops and other activities will delight the 6th edition. Children eager to discover the world of the film can register for the EducaTIFF activities until May 29, at the email address: [email protected]

EducaTIFF 2014, which will take place during the period May 30 - June 4, brings to the attention of small filmmakers six feature films, most of them rewarded with important prizes at international profile festivals. To be and to have (France, 2001), which will be screened on May 30, from 10:00 am, at Cinema Victoria will open this year's edition of EducaTIFF, in the presence of the director, Nicolas Philibert. Voted the best documentary film at the European Film Academy Awards in 2002, Being and having reveals the story of schools in France with a single class, where all the children in the village are in the care of a teacher. Between introversion and an open attitude to the world, small eclectic groups live together for good and for bad.

The opening film will be followed by the Norwegian film Shoot!, which will start a very interesting Nordic series. Anja is an energetic little girl who loves soccer, although her colleague Jonas does not think this sport is suitable for girls. With a sense of humor, Anja didn't pay attention to Jonas's wickedness, without knowing that his hostility is, in fact, a sign that he loves her. When Anja is diagnosed with leukemia and can no longer participate in a football championship, Jonas comes up with a common idea.

The second day of EducaTIFF will debut, at Cinema Florin Piersic, from 11:00 am, with a special project, the first 3D animation designed within this program. A Sweden-Denmark co-production, Over large and strong is the second film directed by Esben Toft Jacobsen, known to the EducaTIFF audience for the animation The Great Bear, the most watched film at the 2012. 2012 Greek mythology and northern fables were a starting point for the Danish director, who recounts the story of Johan , went on a journey to find his mother.

Feature film by Dutchman Dave Schram, Regret! will run on June 1, at Cinema Victoria, from 12:30, in the presence of one of the protagonists, Stefan Collier. The Dutch production has proved to be a great success and, to date, has won over 30 international awards, including the European Film Academy Award - EFA Young Audience Award, awarded by juries from 17 European cities, of which also part of Cluj-Napoca. The film will be followed by an Acting Lesson "Children-movie stars", supported by the actor Stefan Collier, at the Art Museum (from 3pm).

Also from Children's Day, at the Florin Piersic Cinema, from 11:00 am, Charlie Chaplin, Stan and Bran and Buster Keaton will come to life, in a unique experience: a Cinepiano show, by artist Tony Berchmans. Coming just from Brazil, the composer and pianist recreate the magic of cinema visionaries from the beginning of the 20th century, when moving images on the screen were accompanied live by music, sounds and noises, played on piano and other instruments. Big Business comedy (1929), with Stan and Bran, the exciting and funny A Dog's Life (1918), with Charlie Chaplin, and the classic Cops (1922), with Buster Keaton, will feature sighs, laughs, owls and songs created live. , the piano. The show is brought to the opening of the second day of the Weekend program at Castel.

The Latvian film Love you mom! is another spoof of the profile festivals: the Great Prize of the Generation Kplus section at the Berlinale in 2013 and the prize for the Best drama at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2013. The feature film brings to the public an captivating story about the healing power of truth in mother-child relationship, and will be screened on June 2, at Cinema Victoria, from 10:00.

Mike said goodbye! is one of the star films of the 6th edition of EducaTIFF. Signed by Dutchman Maria Peters, the feature film received, in 2013, the award for Best Children's Film in Tallinn, as well as the Best Film Award at the Giffoni festival. The film presents the story of Mike, a child who reaches the threshold of winter holidays in an orphanage. Will Mike finally manage to spend Christmas at home with his mother? The film will run on June 3, from 10:00, Cinema Victoria.

As in previous years, EducaTIFF organizers will continue the series of film criticism seminars, an initiative launched with the aim of stimulating the critical perception of students and provoking them to express their views on the films watched. These activities support the film students who wish to enter the Young Film Critics Competition.

On June 3, at 12:30, the Art Museum will host the film criticism seminar dedicated to students in grades V-VIII and IX-XII, and the next day, starting at 13:00, a seminar will be held for students in grades II-IV. Access is free, on the basis of registration.

After the success of the activities carried out at the previous edition, EducaTIFF returns with a new series of children's film workshops. Between 5 and 8 June, children aged 7-15 are invited to the Art Museum at animation workshops (daily, between 10.00 and 15.00). During each workshop, participants (maximum 30 students / workshop) will receive the necessary notions regarding the creation of a short animated video, work in teams and build stories and characters. The workshops will be supported by the young directors Cecilia Felmeri and Ion Arama.

Access to the seminars and workshops in the EducaTIFF program is free, on the basis of registrations - contact person Gabriela Manolache, Cluj project coordinator: email [email protected], phone 0742.302.230.

The entrance ticket to the EducaTIFF projections is 8 lei. It is recommended to participate on a reservation basis, at the same contact details.

The film education program for students - EducaTIFF is developed by the Association for the Promotion of Romanian Film.

EducaTIFF 2014 is a cultural project funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration.