The cheerful steps of your child

The cheerful steps of your child

I finally got rid of boots, boots and boots. It's the time of sandals, shoes made of light and brightly colored materials, in tune with beautiful weather outside. Sneakers, brightly colored sandals with straps, lacquered shoes or flared leather are some of the designers' suggestions for 2014. Before choosing the model and shade, consider a few tips.

  • The child's shoes must be in tune with the weather outside. Choose sandals, cotton sneakers or soft leather shoes and ballerinas. The materials must be soft, absorb the perspiration and mold on the child's foot. In no case do not choose boots or boots, unless you plan a hike on the mountain.
  • Pay attention to the size of the shoes. If your little one is growing up very quickly, it might be best to take half-larger shoes.
  • If the shoes are for play, look for those of resistant materials.
  • Take care of the sandals, the straps should be made of a soft material that will not hurt the baby's fine skin.

Stilago recommends a few footwear models:

Tennis shoes

They are wonderful for outings in the park, playing with friends. They can also be an object of cool shoes (parties, birthdays), if they are matched with what they need.

Sandals, flip flops

Choose bright colors and soft leather shoes. The sole is also important: it should be made of a quite flexible material. Beware of flip flops: they should not be worn all the time because they can deform the child's gait.


The quality of the material is an important criterion in the choice of ballerinas. You would not want the baby's foot to sweat nor to strangle him. Ideally, the ballerina should cover half the foot or have a support bar.