Myths about breast nodules

Myths about breast nodules

Breast nodules are not always a sign of concern or a symptom of breast cancer. On the contrary, most breast nodules are benign and harmless to health, even though many myths that are unfounded or medically unjustified are sprinkled around them.

Breast nodules always mean cancer

Myth! 8 out of 10 nodules that appear in the breast are considered benign, ie non-carcinogenic. It often represents a cyst or a fibroadenoma, that is, an accumulation of tissue commonly encountered in women during the reproductive period of life, which is not pathological.

Moreover, the nodules tend to form during menstruation, when there is an increased level of hormones, without being dangerous. They disappear by themselves. But what is best is that a knot that feels constantly in the breast, at any stage of the menstrual cycle, should be investigated by the doctor, for added safety.

Cancerous nodules are painful

Myth! Malignant nodules, which have developed cancer cells, are not always painful. For this reason, doctors recommend women who detect changes in the tissue structure of the breasts and who, after feeling the lumps, detect nodules, to investigate them to the doctor, for greater safety.

Breast cancer is always associated with nodules

Myth! Breast nodules are not the only symptoms of breast cancer. Even though most cancers are diagnosed after nodule detection, there are situations when tumors may appear in other forms, not detectable by autopalpation.

For this reason, it is important for the breasts to be investigated and consulted regularly, in all their aspects - color, structural changes, shape, or based on the appearance of unusual spots - to prevent the disease.

If a node is benign you should not go to the doctor more often

Myth! Even if the nodules detected after autopalpation or ultrasound of the breasts are diagnosed benign, ie non-cancerous, it does not mean that they no longer have to be monitored constantly by the doctor.

Do not wait for 1-2 years until the next consultation, because the nodules should be examined closely to avoid the risk of malignancy, that is, to turn into cancer.

Only large nodules are cancerous

Myth! The size of the nodules is not a criterion for diagnosing cancer. No matter how big or small they are, they can be carcinogenic, which is why they should be investigated carefully by the doctor.

Breast nodules that appear in young women are non-cancerous

Myth! Neither age is a diagnostic criterion for breast cancer. Regardless of whether the nodules appear at an early age or are formed at old age, they can be malignant. It is true that women of 40 years, who enter menopause, are more prone to their appearance and even breast cancer, but it does not mean that young women are excluded from this risk.

In general, young women who have or have had breast cancer in the family should constantly show up to the doctor for breast investigations, as they are more prone to breast cancer.

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