Two pink lines after the removal of an ovary

Two pink lines after the removal of an ovary

Mum roxanaco

My story begins about 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with a very large ovarian cyst that could not be removed except by surgery. Mostly in this world I wanted a small and expensive baby, and at that moment the sky dropped on me. I was desperate, I was afraid that I would not be able to have children anymore.

After the surgery I was told that I could no longer save my right ovary and I was scared even harder. Together with my husband, who supported me enormously, we decided that we would leave to the fate of fate and only someone from above will help us.

After the operation, for a year I was not allowed to try because of the operation, and then I had the free hand. And ... really someone up there loved us a lot and understood what we went through so from the first month I tried, I succeeded! I had a test at work because I felt something and I had no patience until I got home. And the great joy happened.

Positive test!

I started shaking, I couldn't believe it, I was screaming for happiness, but I couldn't because there was still nothing safe. The second line was barely visible on the test ... but it was! I called my husband and told him, he started yelling on the phone he couldn't believe it! He was at the headquarters of a mayor's office and everyone was looking at him: "Did he have it?"

When we got home I did another test, we are both eager to see what it is: the same!

In two weeks I went to the doctor because earlier, however, nothing was seen and since then we were sure that our biggest and most beautiful wish will be fulfilled! I was pregnant and the happiest woman in the world!

Now my baby is 6 months and I am the happiest mom!

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