Embarrassing moments from growing up

Embarrassing moments from growing up

Embarrassing moments from raising a child that moms would no longer recognize!

There are moments of raising and caring for the child that no mother would recognize. Surely you also faced situations when you came to the land of embarrassment or you felt that you were not fit to be a parent. Here are some of the situations in which you might recognize yourself! But this does not mean that you are a bad parent, but rather that you are a man who from time to time gets worse and is overtaken by the situation!

Did you jump from time to time a bath, 2, maybe 3 ...?!

The pediatrician recommended that you take the child's general bath once every few days. But not many times did it happen to take more than a few days until the baby's hair became watery, did it? However, the shower took place quite often, you tell yourself!

You left him unattended (leaving him to cry) more than you should

From time to time it is advisable to allow the little one to cry until it calms down, this is just a way to get your attention. But she admits that sometimes you have been too preoccupied with an email, a phone or another activity (maybe not too stringent) and you leave it unattended.

You lied to him all the time ... and most of the time you felt bad

You like and are adept at being completely honest with your little one, but sometimes this is not exactly convenient for you. Once, 2 times, 3 times ... until you have come to lie almost daily. But the kids don't forget, so if you promise them something, for example you go to the movie if they eat everything, they will probably ask you if there is enough maricel when, how and where you go to the movie. Unpleasant situation, right?

You showed a few times more affection to the younger brother

Justice, equality, fraternity! Theoretically, it is a saying that should apply to your family and especially to the treatment of your children. But although many parents do not recognize, the younger child is always favored and at least spoiled more than his older brother. "But what is my fault that I was born first" seems to wonder the face of the older child flooded with sadness so many times. Isn't that how you felt wrong?

You have often found it boring to play with it

Play is essential in the development of the child and you always have that in mind. Most of the time you encouraged him to play more alone, right? It always sounds better than spending about 4 hours playing Monopoly or doing that 500-piece Puzzle together. However, remember that playing with your child is a way to strengthen the connection between you and the child, as well as a way to spend quality time with him. It is not enough to be there just as a physical presence!

You forgot to lock him in the car several times and you happened to lose it in the parking lot

You feel very bad about these things and you know for sure that if someone heard you they would think the worst about you: that you are an irresponsible, careless parent who does not deserve to have children. Well, don't take it so personally and dramatically. It also happens in larger homes, it is important to know how to cope and prevent such unpredictable situations in the parent job.

You used the "good" TV more than you should

You have violated the rules indicated by specialists in which young children are not allowed more than one hour maximum 2 hours a day on the television. You had urgent work and that was the only way to calm him down, you will say. You always said "just this time and ready." But on the other hand critics all the time mum friends, few in number, who admit from time to time that they were wrong.

You get to eat more food than you can afford

Fast food is an attraction for children because it caters to them with so many toys and beautiful drawings. So you took him a few times, and now you've started to take advantage of him. Once because you do not have time for dinner, once because it seems like an option at your fingertips and watch your little one eat this kind of food a few times a week. But you would never admit that sometimes he just visited you "lazy" aunt to cook something else and that is why you resorted to this practical but extremely harmful solution.

You always wanted to have the opposite of your child's sex

The girl came out, but did you want the boy or vice versa? No matter how much you love your child, the reality is that sometimes you can not refrain from "blaming" him more or less because he is not the child you wanted. Even if these feelings pass quickly and you are happy that you have a strong and healthy child, you sometimes feel guilty and ashamed of what you think and how you behave for this reason.

It always remains the last one that is taken home from kindergarten / nursery

You never manage to get to school in time and your child is always the last to stay in kindergarten. You feel very bad about the teacher and the child, but you always have the best excuses for yourself.

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