Breastfeeding accessories for added comfort

Breastfeeding accessories for added comfort

Breastfeeding is a complex process that mainly includes the breasts of the mother and the baby who is just waiting to be fed with breast milk. In order for the milk to run smoothly, and the baby to be satisfied and not to have difficulties when sucking on the breast, it is necessary to create an environment conducive to it. Here are some useful accessories that can help you breastfeed more easily and feel more comfortable during it.

In order for the breastfeeding to run easily and without difficulty, and you feel comfortable, you must fulfill 3 essential conditions:

  • to be relaxed;

  • the baby should be placed in the breast in the correct position;

  • to have breast milk.

These conditions are often not easily met, either because the mother is too stressed (this can have effects on breastfeeding and breastfeeding itself), or is inexperienced and fails to find the best position for the baby. .

Things to have around you when you breastfeed

Chair or rocking chair

The position from which you are breastfeeding and the comfort you provide are essential for breastfeeding to happen as a book. Ideally it is a rocker that ensures you a comfortable position during breastfeeding, but it is not a tragedy even if you do not have this piece of furniture. The chair you sit when you are breastfeeding must have a backrest in order to relax your back and support your hands.

Pillow for breastfeeding

The breastfeeding pillow is an essential accessory for breastfeeding and can be extremely useful for both the comfort of the mother and the baby. It is practical, it allows you greater freedom of the hands and has beneficial effects in combating back and shoulder or neck pain. In addition, less experienced moms no longer have to worry about the correct position of the baby during breastfeeding. This pillow is designed to facilitate the positioning of the baby in the breast.

CDs with music

If you are at home you can create a conducive environment for a relaxing breastfeeding with the help of music. Not only will it relax you, but it will also relax the little one. Try special relaxation or classical music as they have a calming effect.

And favorite magazines or phone conversations with a girlfriend during breastfeeding can be helpful for your relaxation. It is important to distract yourself from the fact that you did not put the baby to the breast, that it hurts or that you do not know if you are doing well.


The position of the feet while sitting on the chair can be essential for fighting back pain. If they are positioned at an average height compared to the floor, you will feel more relaxed, and the weight of your baby and your effort to hold it will not affect the spine. You can use even more pillows instead of the seat.

Special bra

When breastfeeding it is essential to have breast-support bras that are designed for breastfeeding as well. They usually have a special opening that allows you to breastfeed wherever you are. In this way, the process of breastfeeding will be easier and more practical, and you will feel more relaxed and comfortable especially when you are in public.

Nursing kit

Ointment with lanolin

Keep it close, because it is possible to face cracked and sensitive nipples caused by sucking the baby. These small problems are common in breastfeeding and can be alleviated using lanolin ointment. It is safe and has no harmful effect either on the mother or the baby. You may want that when the baby ends up with a breast to relieve your pain using this product, that is why you should keep it close.

Breast pump

It is extremely necessary to clear your breasts when the baby fails to do so after a nursing period. Eliminating excess milk avoids a lot of serious breastfeeding complications, the most dangerous being breastfeeding or mastitis.

In addition, you can provide a healthy portion of milk to feed your baby later if you keep it in special devices for preserving breast milk. In this case you will also need special milk storage bags.

There are also other useful breastfeeding accessories that can be part of the special kit and vary depending on the needs and problems faced by the mother during breastfeeding:

  • breast pads;

  • breast protection devices;

  • It holds you;

  • special cotton towel.

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