Baby spoilers, how do you regain control over him?

Baby spoilers, how do you regain control over him?

Children's pampering is a behavior that parents often unconsciously encourage. When they realize this, it's a little late, their little one already showing the whole set of specific manners.

Gaining control over the child is increasingly difficult in this situation, but not impossible. Any learning has a say!

When parents stop pampering their child, they regain control. In this way, I can guide him towards proper behavioral development. The parents are thus less frustrated, and the child is ready to face the challenges, not always pleasant, of life.

Many parents have tried to stop satisfying their child's moods by trying to get used to the idea that not everything is right for him.

What were they chosen for? True crises of hysteria, screams, violence and other such manifestations. At this moment, the parents give in and the child takes over again. It's time to regain authority for your child!

Make a commitment to yourself!

Promise with all your heart that, whatever reaction he has, you will stop pampering him and letting him do what he wants. Just as I said, many parents have small failed attempts to regain control over the child, but give up in the middle of the road. You have to be persevering and determined to go all the way.

Replace threats with calm, clear and concise instructions!

Your child is probably already bored with your empty content threats. How many times have you not said "ready, it's the last time you do something like this", but he did it without anything happening to him.

Give him precise instructions on what will happen if he takes that action again and make sure that that happens. You don't have to yell or have a threatening tone. The report of inappropriate behavior - consequence can give fruit if it is repeated and if the little spoiled one sees that you speak as seriously as possible and nothing is wrong.

Apply constant discipline!

Actions do like a thousand words, don't they? Follow the principle "after the deed and reward"! And make sure the punishment is directly related to the child's actions. For example, if the spoiled little boy refuses to pick up the toys that he has spread all over the house even though you have asked him to be nice, gather them and limit his access to them for a while. The baby will cry, be hysterical, but you must stay strong and not give up. A child must know how to respect the limits imposed and manage them without necessarily feeling punished, sad, unpopular or rejected. Limits and frustrations are part of real life and these small disciplinary applications prepare him to face what will happen.

Ask yourself if you have not spoiled him too much by filling him with material things!

All parents make the same mistakes regarding the toys and gifts they offer to the child: they overwhelm him with many gifts without having deserved in any way. Moreover, it gives in every time to the insistent demands of the child and satisfies every wish.

Delighting the child with toys, clothes, last-minute gadgets does not do well, depriving him of learning important life lessons: gratitude (if he always receives what he wants he does not learn to be grateful), patience (if he receives what he does not want on the spot knows what it means to be patient until you get something). Such children do not appreciate the value of money.

The financial crisis in which parents can no longer satisfy that before the wishes of children is seen as an opportunity by specialists. They argue that despite the negative effects of the recession on the family budget, parents are forced to set limits on spoiling through gifts and toys.

Don't apologize for his behavior and don't be too protective of him!

Do not always try to get your child out of unpleasant situations. As long as he is not in danger of something happening to him, let him bear the consequences. For example, if you are late for school, do not try to find plausible excuses in front of the teacher. He must bear the consequences of his actions. Only in this way will he be held responsible!

However, this rule does not apply even in cases where the child is facing a real danger, such as strong, violent, aggression, etc.

It didn't deviate a second from the road!

Any parent who strives to stop spoiling their child will face many difficulties. Sometimes fatigue, stress at work, family conflicts (even minor ones) could destroy everything you've accomplished so far. It may make you give in to the pressures of the child, but if you do, you will have to take it all the way. Just think about how much effort you will need to put in again!

You have to mobilize yourself to move on thinking of his own and yours, of his parents. You are on the right track, and the results are visible!

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