Romanian recipes from the post at the peasant holidays

Romanian recipes from the post at the peasant holidays

Find out the history of the dishes of your nation written by Radu Anton Roman, the patriarch of national gastronomy, genius storyteller, the first great culinary anthropologist of the Romans. The National Journal offers you every Friday a culinary journey through the geographical areas of Romania.

On Friday, August 20, you have volume six of "The Stories of Romanian Cuisine" - "From the Post to the Campenian Holidays".

That is, from the compacted, tempered and restricted tables of the year-round items - either large ones (Easter, Christmas) or smaller ones -, at the gourmet-tasting outings on the green grass, where, around the grills, we re-create times of culinary breakdown .

These and many others can be found in volume 6 of "Stories of Romanian gastronomy".

Just choose the recipe that suits your time of year and your mood and cook it.

Or you can write yourself a less known Romanian recipe, as did the readers of Radu Anton Roman, whose culinary proposals can be found in a special chapter of this volume.

I love writing! I love cooking!