Conjunctivitis in the small child

Conjunctivitis in the small child


- I am the mother of a boy of 1 year and 2 months. Often my baby has a red eye, without affecting the eyelid but only the eyeball. After a few days the eye returns to normal color. I guess it would be because of the current under the doors, especially now that he is more on the floor when playing. Do you think this could be the cause or suffering from an ophthalmological disorder? And what can I do to the eye when it is red?


It may be a conjunctivitis - the inflammation of the thin membrane that covers the eyeball and the inner surface of the eyelids, membranes known as the conjunctiva.
Inflammation of the ocular conjunctiva may manifest by one or more of the following signs and symptoms:

  • local hyperemia (red eye)
  • sensation of sand in the eyes described by the big and adult child; the small child and the baby cannot describe the discomfort but it is sometimes observed rubbing the eyes with the sleeves
  • eye secretions that can cause eyelashes to attach.
    This inflammation can be caused by either a local infection (viral or bacterial) or an allergic reaction.
    The treatment is different depending on the etiology:
  • in allergic conjunctivitis, the detection and removal of the sensitizing agent is the main measure, along with which may indicate drops (drops) with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic substances
  • In the infectious conjunctivitis, together with an adequate hygiene, it is indicated according to the etiological agent, the application of anti-inflammatory and / or antibiotic blends - in case of bacterial conjunctivitis.
    In order to prevent the infectious conjunctivitis, more attention is recommended to the ocular hygiene: the ocular secretions will be wiped with a sterile gauze, moistened with boiled and cool water; the typhoon with which one eye has been wiped will not be used in the other.
    The hands of the child will be kept as clean as possible and will try to prevent the wearing of the gloves on the eyes, when it is dirty on the hands, after playing in the sand, with animals, etc.
    If, however, the episode of conjunctivitis recurs, I advise you to go to the ophthalmologist for a local examination; if the doctor deems it necessary to establish the etiology, he may also recommend collecting and analyzing the ocular secretion.
    If you are suspected of an allergic etiology, you can still refer you to an allergist.