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How does the child earn money for the little pig

How does the child earn money for the little pig

When the child begins to understand the value and role of money, it is time to teach him to get his own "income". It is essential that the little one understands that the money is not for himself, but that he earns much work. Only in this way will you learn to spend them responsibly and to value every penny. Here are some simple and useful activities from which the child can earn his own money!

Removing toys scattered around the house

When you have a small child, with only a few anisors, toys are often scattered throughout the house and thrown through the most hidden pillows. It is hardly mobilized or desirable to collect them on their own initiative, but you can stimulate them to collect them and put them in their place for a small fee.

It is important to adjust the value of the remuneration to the age of the child. The smaller it is, the smaller the amount you pay it with.

Dish washing

Dishwashing is another activity from which the child can earn some money for the baby. But be careful not to leave on the child's hand small knives or glass bowls, which could break and could be injured. Only prepare vessels that do not present a danger to his safety and negotiate in advance the amount with which he will be rewarded, so that no misunderstandings occur.

Cleaning at home

House cleaning is one of the simplest and handy activities from which the child can earn money. Whether it is cleaning in your own room or in other rooms of the house, make this activity a business from which you and your child will have to win.

Set different remuneration for each room in the house, so that the child can choose. If you have a small child, of preschool age, do not let him do orders in the bathroom or in the kitchen or put him on complex activities, which he is not able to put into practice.


Spring has come, and the garden of your house or grandparents needs special care and preparation for planting or planting various plants, vegetables, fruits or seasonal trees. It is a great opportunity to involve the little one in various gardening activities: gathered or gathered leaves, grass or weeds, rakes, etc., from which he can get money.

If you are too young to carry out these activities, you can do your assistant. You can pay it to bring your tools, collect garbage and water the garden. You will certainly have a great time together, and the child will have the opportunity to earn money in a pleasant way.

Caring for a pet

You can test the level of responsibility the child shows by having him / her take care of the pet for a day, of course for a fee and with guidance from you.

This task involves the feeding of the animal, his walk, cleaning in the cage, cage or aquarium, as the case may be, his supervision. You can help him where he stumbles, but without doing the job in his place.

Good for the brother or sister

If he is over 11-12 years old, he can successfully assume the role of nanny for a small child, but only for a short period of time and only under the supervision of an adult. It can be helpful when he takes care of his brother, while you prepare the table or clean, even if from time to time, you need to keep an eye on what he does.

The activities from which the child can earn money are varied, but it is necessary that they be adapted to his age. When you think about giving him the opportunity to receive money in exchange for some services, it is advisable to take into account the skills or abilities that he is very good at, so as not to put him in risky situations, which could predispose him to accidents or dangers.

For example, a preschooler will never be able to be good for a child and receive money in exchange for this service, because he is too young and does not have the skills to do this service. At the same time, activities such as tight toys or dishwashing are not ideal ideas for a teenager. He has the skills needed to make activities more complex and interesting.

How did your child earn his own money? What activities did he perform to make money for the little pig? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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