7 ideas for a summer vacation without boredom

7 ideas for a summer vacation without boredom

With the summer holidays coming up, some parents may become anxious only at the thought that they have to spend more time to spend with their children. Let's be honest, you also wanted the hot weather to come faster and get rid of the umbrella, boots and thick clothes. Not to mention the chorus of waking up in the morning, preparing breakfast for the whole family and taking the kids to school. Well, dear mother, now you've got rid of all this. You have one last obstacle to overcome, before preparing your luggage for the summer vacation. It doesn't matter what you do or where you go. It is important that you will be in the family.

If you are in the throes of ideas, even though you have proposed every morning to make your vacation plans, it does not mean that you have to let your children go home up and down, boredom. With such a wonderful time, you will surely find the ideas below interesting.

Here are some ways to minimize the "madness" that follows:

1. Schedule play meetings

Schedule as many meetings outside the house, for sure not all will remain standing. Your child will be greatly pleased to know that he will see his best friends again and that he will have the chance to have fun with them. You can choose as a meeting place parks, playgrounds or even a swimming pool.

2. Go to the cinema during the week

During the weekend, the parking lots and cinemas are full and you can get angry because of the crowds. But during the week, especially in the morning, everything is wonderful. You can catch discounts on tickets and the best seats in the room.

Movie marathons you can organize at home, after lunch, with the air conditioning on, to forget about the snow outside. Suggest the kids to invite some friends and serve them with natural juices and fresh fruits.

3. Visit the surroundings of the city

Except if you live in a cave, you will surely find something interesting to visit in the city or, even better, outside it. If you have exhausted the list of museums, you can organize a small bicycle trip to the nearest forest or place of fun. Involve your children in choosing the places you can explore together. Besides the fact that you will look like a "cool" sports mom, you will have the opportunity to re-establish family ties.

4. Go out for a picnic

It shouldn't be hard to find a place for a picnic. Many parks have specially designed places for barbecues, so you can organize an outdoor party, inviting other families with children. Remember the tennis rackets, volleyball and kite made in the house.

5. Admire the stars

If you do not already have a telescope installed in the garden or on the balcony, a visit to the Astronomical Observatory, on a cool summer evening, can be a wonderful experience. Explore the planets and stars together and discover new things about the universe in which we live.

For families who are passionate about astronomy, hunting astronomical phenomena is already a sport. At the first "star rain", they are already installed on beds, under the open sky, somewhere on the outskirts of the city, far from the light pollution, to enjoy the best view.

6. Go to the mountain tent

This is an excellent idea, especially when the budget does not allow you extravagant vacations. An evening under the open sky, near a campfire, is a dream for many. You can explore the local fauna and flora and try new sports, such as rock climbing or Tyrolean.

7. Hunting holiday offers on discounted sites

The children's summer vacation lasts only three months, but your leave, only two weeks. It's kind of hard to satisfy their need for fun when you work from Monday to Friday. On the weekend, however, you could make time for a few family activities to help you relax with the children after a busy week.

You will be surprised how many interesting offers you can find on discount websites. From last-minute city breaks, to vouchers to the pool, restaurant, children's theater, laser tag, horseback riding, Kitesurfing, bowling and many other fun activities.

Have a good holiday!

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