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40 names of girls with less than 5 letters

40 names of girls with less than 5 letters

Are you expecting a little girl and thinking already how you will baptize her? Do you want a special, Romanian name or an easy to pronounce name? Here are some ideas of names with special meanings, composed of maximum 5 letters.

1. To give - Abbreviation of the name Adelaide, of French origin. It actually comes from an old German feminine name, "Adalheidis", composed of the words "adal" (noble) and "heid" (kind, type). Its modern form is "Adelheid".

2. Adela - comes from Old German, from the masculine name "Adal", which means "noble".

3. Adina - name of Hebrew origin, meaning "delicate", "gentle".

4. Aida - names of Arab origin, meaning "return", "visitor".

5. Anda - it is thought that it would come from the name Andreea or Alexandra. It may mean "adventurer" or "human defender". Thanks to the significance it bears, this feminine first name is considered lucky.

6. Alma - comes from the Spanish word "soul", which means "soul".

7. Ania - Female name Ania is the Russian form of the name Ana. One of the most common and common female names, Ana reproduces an ancient Hebrew name Hannah, carried by several biblical characters, which means "to have mercy", "to welcome."

8. Arya - "noble" week in Sanskrit.

9. Hate - comes from the Latin "aurum", which means gold.

10. Bela - the abbreviation of the first name "Mirabela", of Latin origin, derived from the word "mirabilis" which means "wonderful".

7. Catia - diminutive from Caterina, the Romanian version of the name "Katherine". Experts claim that it derives from the Greek word "katharos". Others associate it with the Greek name "aikaterine", which means "pure".

8. Clara - the feminine form of the Latin name Clarus, which means "clear," "bright," famous.

9. Daria - the Romanian form of the Greek word (Dareios), which is the Greek variant of the Persian name Darayavahush, composed of the elements daraya "to possess" and vahu "good".

10. Delia - The origin of this name comes from Ancient Greece. The person who bears this name has a strong sense of responsibility and is very confident in their own strengths.

11. Dora - Abbreviation from Theodora. It comes from the Greek name "Theodoros", which means "the gift of God".

12. He takes - The most common hypothesis is that this first name represents the Italian writing of the masculine name "Elijah", the biblical name of Saint Elijah, which translates to the expression "My God is Yahweh".

13. Elis - signifies the peace and beauty of the planet. It is believed that girls bearing this name have great luck in love.

14. Ema - comes from "Imanuel", a Hebrew name that means "God is with us". The one who bears this name is affectionate, sensitive, timid, gentle and emotional.

15. Erica - name of Norwegian origin, composed of the words "her" (eternal) and "rikr" (leader).

16. Heidi - shortened version of the name "Adelheid", which means "noble".

17. Ioana - one of the most beautiful holy names, found in many cultures. It derives from the Greek "Ioannes", himself derived from the Hebrew name "Yochanan", which means, "The Lord is merciful".

18. Iris - means "rainbow" in Greek.

19. Karla - Scandinavian form of the Latin origin name "Carla", feminine variant for "Carol". It means "song" or "hymn".

20. Leila - variant of the "Layla". It means "night" in Arabic.

21. Lidia - comes from the Greek name Lydia. The person who bears this name is independent, ambitious and confident about it. She is very determined when she has to make an important decision and assumes her responsibilities.

22. Livia - the feminine form of the Latin origin name "Liviu". It has several meanings, such as "pale", "livid" or "envious".

23. Luiza - derives from the German origin name "Ludwig" and means "famous warrior".

24. Magda - short form from Magdalena, which means "inhabitant of Magdala", a village on the Sea of ​​Galilee. The word "magdala" means "tower" and comes from ancient Hebrew.

25. leaven - name of Latin origin. It means "great".

26. Maria - is one of the most beloved feminine biblical names, used in Romania. It is of Hebrew origin and means "desired child".

27. Nadia - derives from Nadezhda and means "hope", in Russian.

28. Olga - name of Scandinavian origin. It means "holy," "blessed."

30. Paula - Roman name derived from "patricius" (noble).

31. Petra - derived from the Greek word "petros" (stone).

32. Raisa - name of Slavic origin. It is translated by the phrases "the bright one", "the fiery one", "the brave woman" or "the proud woman". In the idis language, "raisa" means "rose".

33. Sara - comes from old Hebrew and means "prince" or "princess".

34. Sofia - it means "wisdom", and the person who bears this name has a special sensitivity and emotionality, but also a very well developed intuition.

35. Sonia - Etymologically it is believed that Sofia derives from the Greek word "sofia", which had the meaning of "wisdom".

36. Talia - comes from Talya and means "dew from God" in Old Hebrew.

38. Tania - Etymology: Fairy, the Gift of the Lord. The person who bears this name is sensitive, emotional, but also idealistic at the same time.

39. Zoe - it means "life" in Greek. The person who bears this name is friendly, sociable and charming.

40. Zina - It is an abbreviated form of the name "Zinaida", Russian variant of the name "Zenaida" - derivative of the Greek Zenais, which comes from the name of the Greek god Zeus. The person who bears this name is lively, ambitious, independent and has a strong will.

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