Does chewing gum improve oral health?

Does chewing gum improve oral health?

Sugar-free chewing gum, after snacks or meals in the city, is a valuable tool that can help maintain good oral hygiene if we do not have immediate access to oral care items.

Our lives change, and eating habits also evolve continuously. The consumption of moving food, on the street, in the car, becomes more prevalent and popular among young urban populations, who consume on average three snacks a day, occasions when poor oral hygiene can lead to health problems.

Here's how sugar-free chewing gum works on the tooth!

What do researchers say?

Sugar free gum can be easily incorporated into these new lifestyles, helping patients reduce the risk of tooth decay. The important role of gum without sugar in oral care is recognized and accepted by experts, dental associations and regulatory authorities around the world, including the Oral Health Foundation, the World Federation of Dental and the European Commission.

In 2010, the European Commission (EC) approved five oral health claims for sugar-free chewing gum, one of the few food categories that have received such recognition. Benefits such as neutralizing acids, maintaining mineralization of teeth, reducing xerostomia and reducing the risk of disease related to dental caries have been highlighted following studies.

The benefits of sugar-free gum

The benefits of sugar-free chewing gum are manifold: it helps prevent and develop tooth decay by eliminating food debris, helps neutralize acids in the dental plaque, and helps improve tooth remineralization. Recent research also shows that sugar-free chewing gum can improve people's well-being.

By improving oral health, sugar-free gum could help increase self-confidence, especially in adolescents.

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