Infant UNO Cream - natural care for the skin of the baby from the first moments of life

Infant UNO Cream - natural care for the skin of the baby from the first moments of life

Baby skin requires careful care, being extremely sensitive and prone to dermatitis, irritation or eczema. These skin conditions can cause the baby a feeling of discomfort that will undoubtedly make her cry. In an attempt to discover the causes and provide solutions to the problems of the little one, a reliable help for mothers is Infant UNO Cream, a cream based on natural ingredients: vitamin E, chamomile extract, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and 7% Panthenol.

One in two newborn children shows erythema in the first year of life

One of the most common skin conditions in infants is diabetic erythema, also known as diaper dermatitis. Studies show that one in two newborns manifest erythema in the first year of life. This condition is not dangerous, but it requires immediate treatment and proper care.

To combat this condition, moms should change the diaper regularly, wipe it thoroughly after washing with soap and water, and if wet towels are used, the baby's skin must be perfectly dry when placing a diaper. new. The application of Infant UNO cream prevents and treats the erythema of the buttocks, being one of the most used creams by mothers.

Infant UNO Cream nourishes, moisturises and maintains healthy baby's skin

Infant UNO Cream nourishes, moisturises and maintains healthy baby's skin, dissipating the worries of the mother. By its unique formula, enriched with a concentration of 7% panthenol, along with natural extracts, Infant UNO Cream has recognized effects of prevention, hydration, healing and re-epithelialization for the skin affected by erythema. In addition to the benefits it has on the baby's skin, Infant UNO Cream can also be used by breastfeeding moms for breast enhancement.

"From the first moments of life, the skin of the baby is prone to the appearance of dermatitis, irritation or eczema, due to the fact that when it comes in contact with the external environment, certain sensitivities can develop. Infant UNO Cream is recommended for baby care because it contains natural ingredients and does not contain parabens, dyes, perfume or antiseptic substances. ” Nicoleta Ciupitu, pharmacist at Solacium Pharma.

The Infant UNO product range is part of the Solacium Pharma portfolio. The products are manufactured according to the most rigorous current requirements, in countries such as Austria, Norway, Croatia and Italy.

All Infant UNO products are guaranteed and recommended by the Romanian Pediatric Society.

The UNO Infant range is made up of two distinct categories:

Delicate range of care for babies and children: Infant UNO Cream, Infant UNO Physiological Serum, Infant UNO gingival gel, Infant UNO Solution for ear hygiene, Infant UNO Cauliflower.

Range of harmonious child development: Infant UNO Propokid, Infant UNO Defeclisor, Infant UNO Jellyvit, Infant UNO Prunisor Lax, Infant UNO Calcium Forte.