The game that turns you into a real boss, now in stores!

The game that turns you into a real boss, now in stores!

Good business every day: Monopoly Empire, makes you boss over your favorite brands and develops your business vision.

George Pistereanu, the famous Romanian actor from "When I want to whistle, whistle" and "Loverboy", was the first Romanian to become boss in the new Monopoly Empire: //

In this edition, players have the opportunity to build real financial empires, by purchasing the prestigious brands available on the game board, among which are: Ford, Puma, Transformers, Wilson, Caterpillar, Xbox, Beats or Skype. The game also comes with a new set of 6 pawns representative of the game brands.

"Unlike other editions of the game, Monopoly Empire allows players to interact with brands they love and whose products they use in their daily lives. The game also contains essentials in the life of any boss who knows how to they do business, such as billboards or postcards that allow them to take over competitors' brands in their own administration. Thus, they have the power to act exactly as some of the biggest business people actually do, "he said. Larisa Popescu, Hasbro brand manager.

The concept of the new Monopoly Empire 2016 is familiar to Monopoly enthusiasts, this being the third edition dedicated to the brands that the games and toys manufacturer Hasbro has launched in the last three years.