Moms and Internet addiction

Moms and Internet addiction

Dependence on the Internet and technology sometimes becomes for the new moms an escape from the daily life that involves the care of the little ones.

Thus, checking the email while the child is eating or chatting with friends and constantly checking the social networks when the child is asleep.

If you happen to do this, more or less voluntarily, it is very possible that you are dealing with a form of internet addiction, which is facing more and more mothers.

How is dependence on the Internet manifested among mothers?

The phenomenon is recent, but more and more common among women with young children. Psychologists explain that they feel isolated because they stay home and care for children and that they need to be included in communities and engage in discussions with other people.

Keeping the connection with your old friends is also a factor that influences the activity on social networks and chats.

Apart from these temptations, you also feel the need to constantly inform yourself about things related to raising and caring for children, and to these questions you always find answers on the Internet, answers that are far more accessible than if you started to read a book or call someone to ask.

But sometimes, even if it seems the simplest way, the internet can take you from article to article and from one forum to another, so you end up wasting hours searching for the right answer.

What can you do to get rid of internet addiction?

If you also think that you may have become addicted to the internet, it would be best to write down somewhere while you spend online and for what purposes.

You can keep a daily schedule, for several days or even weeks, to monitor yourself. This way you will be able to find out if you can really enjoy every moment or feel the need to seek either clarification or validation in the online environment.

If you find that you are too attached to the virtual environment, you should take action. You can start by setting limits to meet, for example certain time intervals when you connect and when not, or simply measure the time you spend online, with a stopwatch to alert you when you have exceeded a the certain limit.

A harder option would be to turn off your computer or turn off the internet when you think you should just enjoy the time spent with your children.

If you are used to cheating and using your phone to check all your chat, email and blog accounts, you should take action in this regard as well; you can turn off your mobile data or even restrict your phone so you can only use its basic functions.

Learn to be in control of your own time, even if you feel isolated and dying of impatience to keep up with the outside world. However, your virtual friends do not post from 10 to 10 minutes, so it may seem more satisfying if you check their online activity every few days, when you will actually find something on their pages.

As for chats, you can schedule and schedule your discussions with your loved ones, so that the discussions are always productive and enjoyable.

There are cases, however, where mothers realize that they are so addicted to the Internet that they need specialized help. Although this addiction has not yet been listed by specialists as a clinical disorder, most psychologists believe it actually hides other disorders, such as depression, anxiety or nervousness.

To discover the causes of addiction, you can ask for specialized help in a psychological office or you can contact the centers that treat such more unusual addictions.

Ironically, there are even forums or blogs that talk about such things and where readers and specialists are joining forces and experience to find the right, customized solutions to help you get rid of this chronophagous metaphor and it makes you recover your time and spend it with your children, present body and soul.

Are you addicted to the internet? Can't sit still if you don't check social media recipes? How do you cope with this new trend called technology? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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