Effective Cough Fight with Dr. Hart Tusolitic Syrup!

Effective Cough Fight with Dr. Hart Tusolitic Syrup!

Did you know that when we cough, microbes are blown up to 80km / h? Thus, the risk of getting sick is significant, especially since the cold is one of the most common diseases in winter, and cough is the most obvious symptom of it.

Untreated, coughing can manifest for a long time, compromising the health of the airways and preventing you from doing your normal activity.

Dr. Hart comes to the aid of the whole family with two products designed to solve the unpleasant cough problem, whether we are talking about productive (expectorant) or dry (dry) cough - Dr. Hart Tusolitic Syrup for children and Dr. Hart Tusolitic Syrup for adults.

With a unique formula on the market that combines Patlagin extract with acetylcysteine ​​(in recommended doses for each age group) and zinc, Dr. Hart's Tusolithic Syrup helps to decongest the mucosa and release the airways.

Patlagina extract contains bioactive substances that have expectorant action, by fluidizing the bronchial secretions. In addition, due to the mucilage content, it has an emollient, calming and protective effect on the mucous membranes.

Acetylcysteine ​​fluidizes bronchial secretions, preserving the normal humidity of the airway mucous membranes.

Zinc is of great importance in the proper functioning of the human body, being effective in increasing immunity and fighting the cold.

Administration method:

  • Adults: 5 ml (one teaspoon) syrup, 4 times daily;
  • Children between 2 and 4 years: 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of syrup 2 times a day;
  • Children over 4 years: 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of syrup 2 times a day.

Dr. Hart Tusolitic Syrup is available in pharmacies Sensiblu, at the price of 22.99 lei.

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