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Turn the letter for Santa into a game!

Turn the letter for Santa into a game!

At the beginning of December, one of the most important activities for children and parents is preparing and sending the letter to Santa Claus. On the one hand, the little ones start dreaming about the toys they want, knowing that there is very little time left until they find them under the fir tree.

At the same time, the letter to Mosul gives parents the opportunity to find out what their little ones want. We tell you how you can turn this moment into a fun activity for the whole family!

Turn your usual letter into a family game

The little ones now have much more options in terms of toys, they have access to more information, so there is the possibility that they will discover a new toy every day.

On TV, on the Internet or even other children in kindergarten, they see or hear stories about the fun wonders they might include on the list. This is why it is important for parents to help them write a letter to Santa that they would really enjoy, longer.

Inspiring us from the Transformers figurines, we thought of a creative way to turn the letter for Santa into a game for the whole family.

First of all, give the little one the opportunity to make a list that he can modify whenever and whenever he wants. From the first days of the month, give him a few minutes daily to tell you what he wants from Santa and ask him if he doesn't want to add or change something on the list.

At the end, look at the list created in time and explain that Santa can carry only two or three of the written toys. The child will think well and choose for himself what he really wants and which the toys could give up. For example, if he has three Transformers robots, two Play-Doh sets and three cars, he can choose only one of each. Certainly there are some that he wants much more than the others.

A week before Christmas, make sure that each family member writes to Santa his own letter, in which the games and objects on the list that you have made and reviewed together will be passed. And, if you have turned the letter for Santa into a family game, make sure you put as creative toys under your child's tree, which will put their imagination and insight into play.

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