Mouth abscesses in children. Natural treatments

Mouth abscesses in children. Natural treatments

Mouth abscesses or dental abscesses occur when an infection develops at the base of the tooth and a swelling is formed, filled with pus. They are generally painful and uncomfortable, and if not treated in time, can lead to deterioration of the dental pulp or maxillary bone and even the destruction of the nerve because, later, to favor the loss of the affected tooth. Although the oral abscess is investigated and treated by a dentist, there are some natural remedies that contribute to the rapid improvement of its uncomfortable symptoms!

Dental abscess is of three types

  • gingival - appears in the gingival treasure, separated from the tooth or the periodontal ligament;
  • periodontal - starts from the support structure of the bone of the tooth;
  • periapical - localized in the soft pulp of the tooth.

If you notice that your baby has a dental abscess, make an appointment with your dentist quickly. Until then, apply one of the following natural treatments, for rapid relief of pain and inflammation:

  • Give the child a dry black tea bag or a small piece of raw potato inside the cheek, in the inflamed tooth area, and tell him to keep it there for several hours or overnight: it favors breaking the pouch with pus and eliminating the infection, but reduces pain and swelling;
  • prepare a mixture of salt and baking soda, then finger wet a sterile diskette in the mixture and apply the mixture on the inside of the child's cheek, in the affected tooth area; the best thing to do is to do this procedure in the evening, before bedtime, when the child is no longer tempted to eat anything or drink water, because the mixture must stay on the infected area for several hours;
  • prepare in the house mouth water, from a quarter teaspoon of potassium carbonate and a half glass of water; have the child rinse his mouth with this mixture, about two minutes, then spit it out; repeat the procedure 3-5 times a day; make sure that the child does not drink anything after that, at least a quarter of an hour; the alkaline solution helps to destroy the bacterium that causes the abscess;
  • tea tree oil has antibacterial and disinfectant properties useful in combating unpleasant symptoms of dental abscess; all you have to do is disinfect your finger well, put oil on it and apply it on the child's affected tooth or gums; lightly massage the area, even if it may be uncomfortable for the child; It also reduces pain, because after applying the oil, the area slightly dampens;
  • if the abscess breaks and the pus begins to leak from it, the child will have an unpleasant taste in the mouth; at that time, it is advisable to wash the teeth with toothpaste or a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate; then recommend the child to gargle with mouth water and hydrogen peroxide.

These natural remedies do not help to cure the disease. They only temporarily relieve the symptoms. It is important to go to the dentist for the necessary medical measures and proper treatment, which will destroy the bacteria and cure the abscess.

Has your child ever had a dental abscess? How did you help him overcome the unpleasant symptoms more easily? Tell us your tricks in the comment section below!

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