Physical development of the child at 6-11 years

Physical development of the child at 6-11 years

Don't you think that as your school age grows, your child grows from day to day more and more beautiful and beautiful? It's not just an opinion. At 6-7 anisors, your baby grows up fast and acquires a lot of new motor skills and locomotives. Even if each child develops at his or her own pace, there are some benchmarks to consider or to follow to determine whether or not he or she is within normal parameters for his or her age!

At 6-7 years old

In the school phase, starting with the age of 6, the child grows, on average, about 5-6 cm annually.

At this age, the physical development of the child is quite complex. Running, jumping on the spot or over obstacles are beginning to form and integrate easily among his usual movements.

And hand-eye coordination is beginning to become more and more contoured. The child is able to hit the ball with a precise target - the football gate, for example. Also during this period, you can enroll him in a complex competitive sport, because he is able to follow instructions and follow the rules of a game.

Another important event in his physical development is the transition from tricycle to bicycle. At 7 anisors, your little boy is ready to make the transition from riding on three wheels to riding on two.

The movements of the child are becoming more and more complex. If at preschool age, walking with the back was an important step in his physical development, now, the child can make complex movements, such as turning around at once, turning, avoiding obstacles, etc.

The school child is able to do some domestic activities not very complicated: to make his bed alone, to do a superficial cleaning in the room, etc.

At 8-9 years

The childhood stage between 8 and 9 years old has a strong impact on the physical development of many children.

Besides the fact that it begins to combine complex movements between them (for example, basketball movements, in which the ball hits the floor, but at the same time and goes or twists), the child may already enter puberty and face all the changes that appear during this period.

There are children, both boys and girls, entering puberty from the age of 9 years. The first signs can be seen by the appearance of the first pubic or armpit hairs, a slight increase of the breasts, etc.

Also around the age of 9, there is a growth pattern slightly more pronounced than in other periods of childhood. In a fairly short period of time, you may find that the pupil grows more in height or weight than usual. It is normal for this age!

At 10-11 years

Starting with the age of 10, the child is getting closer to puberty and gradually more and more signs of this stage begin to appear - excessive sweating, oily skin, appearance of hair in the genital area and on the axles. Another important sign is the easy change of voice, especially in boys. There is a tendency to thicken the voice during puberty.

Boys know muscle and motor development faster than girls. They are beginning to gain more and more force.

Also during this period, the child begins to have an increasing appetite for food, but shows less energy than at younger ages. This means that there is a high caloric intake and the metabolism is slower. It is important to carefully monitor the baby's diet, as there is a risk of getting fat without realizing it.

The 11-year-old can venture into more complex domestic activities. He has developed fine motor skills and is capable of cooking a simple recipe or even washing clothes.

In order to stimulate his physical development as much as possible and to ensure that he will grow strong and healthy, it is important to cultivate his passion for sports and fun physical activities (roller coaster, bicycle, badmington, ball games, etc.). .

The school period is the age at which the child undergoes a lot of bodily transformations and in which he faces puberty, which imprints on him not only physically but also emotionally.

What difficulties or problems did you face with the child in his physical development at this age and how did you cope with them? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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