What sports should be avoided if your baby hasn't turned 8 yet?

What sports should be avoided if your baby hasn't turned 8 yet?

Sports that should be avoided before the age of 8 years

Physical activity is important at any age, but mainly in childhood, because then we form the habits that will shape the adult later. If we learn to love the sport from an early age we will have an appetite for physical activities, which will keep us from the many diseases that appear in the absence of movement.

When choosing the sport that our child plays, it is important to take into account his opinions and let him decide, without forcing him to participate in courses that he does not like because the effect will be the opposite. than expected - instead of loving physical activity and seeing it as a means of relaxation, she will think of it as an obligation and will not practice any sport with dedication and pleasure.

Children's sports, advantages and disadvantages

Choosing a sport for the child does not seem too difficult, but some of them require a certain physical and mental development. If after 8 years the pallet becomes large and the child can go to almost any sport, before this age things are a little more complicated. Keep in mind that if you choose a sport that is not appropriate for your age, you may overdo it, feel over-demanded and develop a negative attitude towards sports in general.

We show you what sports your little one can play until he reaches this age, but also what to avoid.

What sports should be avoided if your little one has not turned 8 yet

Some doctors say that for team sports you should wait until the baby is 8 years old. The opinion is not unanimous, so there are voices that say that from 4-5 years of age you can practice football for example. In fact, football schools start recruiting from 4 years old. You could force the note and sign it to football before 8 years if you notice that there is a great passion for this sport, but be careful to overload. It is more recommended a training course than the training itself.

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The same is true for tennis. Simona Halep, for example, started playing tennis at the age of 4, but, also, introductory courses, running on the field, familiarizing herself with this sport and rocket.

For other team sports, such as basketball, handball or volleyball, you will still have to wait for the chick to turn 8.

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Contact sports they are not recommended until 8 years. Psychologists say that little ones will develop an aggressive side. If in the case of martial arts there is still room for negotiations, when we talk about boxing and kick-boxing doctors say a "no" decision. If you want your little one to stop a contact sport, capoeira might be the right choice, as it is a martial art that combines dance and dance which can be extremely fun for the little ones.

After the success of the Romanian fencing at international competitions, many parents thought that fencing would be the right choice for their child. It is indeed a sport that brings many benefits, an elegant, aristocratic sport, but it is not suitable before 8 years, you have to wait at least a year.

Equally elegant is the riding. It is a beneficial activity for the little ones, who will have a special interaction with their horse and will develop harmoniously from the physical point of view, but it is not good to be too small. It is recommended only after 8 years.

Even if on TV we see how popular sports are football, handball or tennis, some of us, driven by our own passions, will be tempted to refer children to more "exotic" sports - archery, polo or hockey. But with many advantages, they are suitable for older children, who have passed 10 years.

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After an enumeration of so many sports that children under 8 should avoid, you may think you have no options, but they remain sufficient. Swimming, for example, is suitable for any age, from 3 months old and has many benefits. Also, gymnastics, ballet, sports dancing are activities that can be directed to. At the same time, up to 8 years old he can ride his tricycle, jump rope or go climbing in special rooms.

Cases in which sports practice is not indicated

When choosing a sport for your child, the health of the little boy is extremely important. Go to a pediatrician and discuss with him or her your plans for sports activities. After a consultation he will give you the green wave to start practicing.

If your baby suffers from various conditions you must be extremely careful when choosing a sport, especially before 8 years.

If he has a cardiovascular disease, in case of congenital heart malformations, the sport is not recommended except within certain limits well established by the pediatric doctor. We do not talk about a complete lack of physical activity, but any sport should be practiced carefully if your little one has heart problems.

Also, if your child suffers from skin conditions, eczema or dermatitis, a dermatologist consultation is absolutely necessary. At the same time, in the case of diseases of the respiratory system, such as asthma, for example, playing a sport becomes problematic.

The current society, characterized by a galloping development, has made us available smart phones, sophisticated tablets and a high degree of comfort. At the same time, it forces us to do everything quickly beforehand, and eating is often the most painful.

Fast-food, a cheap and extremely convenient option makes us overlook balanced meals, and a fast-food diet combined with lack of movement has extremely harmful effects on our health.

And children, bombarded with sophisticated gadgets and tasty hamburgers, will be tempted to put aside sport and a healthy lifestyle and to let go of these pleasures.

That is why we, as parents, need to teach them as young as possible to know how many benefits their physical activity will bring.

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