The most loved mogul in the world celebrated his 80th birthday in Romania

The most loved mogul in the world celebrated his 80th birthday in Romania

Mister Monopoly, the famous character of the game Monopoly and one of the nicest moguls of all time, has turned 80! On this occasion, Hasbro Romania organized an elegant and extremely funny party, attended by representatives of the media and stars such asMihai Gainusa and his colleagues from the morning, Ellie White and Doru Tinca, the boys from Deep Central, Iulia Verdes or George Pistereanu.

The anniversary party of the game took place right by World Monopoly Day. The guests enjoyed a unique concept, which put them to the test of luck and luck. They were urged to respond to the creative and funny challenges brought by Mr. Monopoly, to be able to win prizes and to have fun with the young mogul. Also, the lovely Mr. Monopoly gave his birthday a Pegas bicycle, won by a lucky guest in a raffle.

"Hasbro prides itself on the fact that, although it is 80 years old, the Monopoly game continues to be just as popular and loved by people all over the world. This is definitely a reason to celebrate, so we organized a playful party for our friends, in the characteristic style of Mr. Monopoly. Halewood, Pegas, Nivea, Heinrig and Litera Publishing for the contribution made and we invite the Romanians to celebrate Mr. Monopoly, playing Monopoly with family or friends, "said Larisa Popescu, Hasbro brand manager.

The atmosphere at the party was maintained by Florin Grozea, the host of the event, and Raul Gheba brought a good mood with a stand-up show that impressed the audience to tears ... laughter. More information about the game Monopoly and photos from the fun of the cute mogul will be available on the Facebook page

Mr. Monopoly celebrates 80 years and with friends from the online environment, through the application "The Monopoly Challenge 80"By April 9, 2015, fans of the game can win one of the 10 Monopoly 80 games, if they answer a set of questions that they will find out which pawn in Monopoly history brings them luck. The application is available at the link: // where players can read the rules of the competition.

About Monopoly

Monopoly is the most beloved real estate trading game in the world. Launched on March 19, 1935, the game has become one of the most popular board games in the world to this day. Currently, Monopoly is translated into 47 languages ​​and is sold in 144 countries.

Over time, Hasbro has launched over 300 Monopoly special editions, each with a different theme. In 2015, the company also launched the Monopoly 80th anniversary edition, which recalls the game launched in 1935 and brings together 8 of the pioneers representing each decade.