Housewife, feelings of guilt?

Housewife, feelings of guilt?

A housewife may sometimes be troubled by feelings of guilt, caused by the comparisons she makes with other mothers dedicated to both service and family. The decision regarding staying home or resuming professional activity is a real challenge, sprinkled with doubt, guilt or resentment. In the end, the truth is only one: both variants are equally noble, in the right circumstances.

First of all, take on a reality that many women do not objectively observe. A housewife will be plagued with guilt in front of others, feeling judged for not going to work and not bringing family income.

On the other hand, a mother who divides her life between work and child and home care may have feelings of guilt over neglecting one's personal life, in favor of the professional one. Therefore, negative emotions can occur, no matter which path you choose.

Housewife and her reasons for pride

As soon as you reconcile with the thought that regrets are imminent, you can replace negative feelings with pride. A housewife has every reason to be admired.

Your child is very lucky to have you at any step. The job of a housewife is always full time, and the satisfaction of having a beautiful family is often worth more than any annual income from work.

At the same time, you may be unhappy because the decision to stay home is incompatible with your personality. If before you were born you did not even imagine your life outside the profession and sometimes neglected the order of the home, the chances of your mother's exclusive job being fulfilled were very small from the beginning.

Freeing the mother from negative feelings

Here are some steps you can take if you are a housewife:

  • Find the source of negative feelings: do you feel less appreciated by your partner or do you feel that you are not making your efforts? Ask for his honest opinion and clarify the situation.
  • Socialize: disconnection from external "reality" and isolation can be responsible for your anxiety. Visit your friends and family often, sign up for a course or start a hobby to get in touch with other people.
  • Take care of yourself: do not neglect your clothing and beauty rituals, these concerns are not excluded if you are a housewife. Self-esteem can be damaged otherwise.

Remember that the profession can be resumed at any age, when you feel ready.

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